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Food Trends 2019|Wine and Wasabi

Let’s face it, food trends are getting crazier by the year. While some have been done to death and are finally leaving us in 2019 – I’m looking at you unicorn/mermaid foods, bowl foods, and activated charcoal – others might be here to stay or are possibly even making a comeback.

Companies use everything from data analysis to intuition and make these predictions aiming to both maximize profits and try to influence public opinion. Every organisation has a different opinion and it’s quite confusing if you’re trying to manoeuvre your way around the complicated network of differing points of view.

Mine are based on reading (way too many articles) and keeping an eye out for anything that remotely smells of food.

Here are a few food trends I am looking forward to investing time and emotionally in 2019 and possible weird ones you may just see around you soon.

  • Infused waters: These have been around for a while. We have all survived summers on mint and lemon flavoured water, but CBD is starting to trend internationally as an infusion option among other relatively extra ingredients and is getting us all very excited! One must bear in mind though, that they tried it with coffee last year and it was… disappointing at best.
One ingredient, endless possibilities! Jackfruit, the meat alternative that needs more exploring!
One ingredient, endless possibilities! Photo Credit: Love and Lemons
  • Jackfruit: If you’re Indian you probably laugh every time someone mentions this as some sort of alien marvel the world has just discovered. We’ve all been there. That being said, we tend to take these and other amazing fruits and vegetables for granted just because they grow in our backyard. It’s sad, but unless the west hypes up something, we barely sit up and take notice. I hope this year is when we change that and try to use this obviously versatile fruit more.
Colourful and good for you, fermented foods are the future.
Colourful and good for you! Photo Credit: Harvard Health Publishing
  • Gut-healthy food: You’ve heard of it, and have seen so many small businesses in the country offering a range of products from Kombucha and Kefir to Kimchi and Sauerkraut. Even my partner who couldn’t care less about trends knows Yakult is probably worth looking into. Some trends are healthy, and thankfully this one is here to stay. Maybe this is the year it becomes a little more accessible; and prebiotics and probiotics become a staple rather than a trend.
  • Regional food: This trend needs to catch on and quickly. As great as it is to spend your entire salary on bags of kale just so you feel healthy, there are so many local ingredients around you that are easily available, richer in nutrients, and cost a fraction of the money. (Watch out for a post on local alternatives to international super-foods coming soon!)
Sourdhough - the pretty bread that'll change your life!
Pretty bread that’ll change your life! Photo Credit: Epicurious
  • Sourdough: The one I’m probably most excited about. I’ve suddenly become infatuated with candles and fresh bread should be a candle. (Hi Bath & Body Works!) Artisanal or simply fresh, made to order, warm bread without preservatives should become a norm and here’s hoping huge strides are made this year. (Maybe even by us!)
Vegan, dairy-free cheese, or nuts but better.
Nuts but better. Photo Credit: Hello Magazine
  • Dairy-free Cheese: I tried vegan cheese two years ago and it changed my life! Couldn’t believe how good it was and how addicted to it I have been since. In a country with such a large vegetarian population, this needs to be introduced and easily available soon.
  • Peganism: Yes, you read correctly. This is a cross between veganism and the paleo diet. This and others will sadly become more popular. However, your diet preference is your choice and that is to be respected. Just don’t be that person who is doing theirs part-time and making your friends hate you secretly.
Chickpea broth - aquafaba. Your cheap replacement for eggs in baking.
Chickpea broth. Your cheap replacement for eggs in baking. Photo Credit: Meghan Telpner
  • Aquafaba: This truly is magic, specially if you like things egg-less. Think meringues and macarons. It costs nothing if you’re having chickpea before, and is so versatile and easy to work with!
  • Reusable products: Think eco straws, beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm, reusable plastic, organic detergents, and the like. Take it slow, one swap at a time, but commit. The world needs you to be part of the change and it’s time you listened.
  • No-phone dining: As someone who recently had a fight about this, this one is exciting. If I have taken the effort to dress up and leave the comfort of my home to meet you, you are expected to give me and the food you’re having your undivided attention. You sure as hell should expect a tantrum if I see the phone. It’s rude and disrespectful!
A few women who are leading the change in the culinary scene in India.
A few of the many badass culinary queens in India. Photo Credit: Indian Women Blog
  • Women: It’s getting better, yes, but there’s room for improvement. More women are becoming part of the industry, doing innovative things worldwide and moving towards equal pay. It’s not all great everywhere yet, but change is afoot and these are exciting times!

These are a few we’re waiting for. There are, of course, so many others we’d like to see and have read about like Aperol Spritzes finally becoming a thing in India, sustainability and climate change becoming serious sectors of work and discussion (rather than just fashionable), insects, farm to table, etc. but those discussed above are the ones really caught our eye.

Bonus food listicle!

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Let us know what you’re looking forward to in this new year and are excited about going ahead! We’re looking forward to hearing from you as well.


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