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Jolly Good Food: The Enid Blyton Pop-Up|Wine and Wasabi™

“A large ham sat on the table, and there were crusty loaves of new bread. Crisp lettuces, dewy and cool, and red radishes were side by side in a big glass dish, great slabs of butter and jugs of creamy milk. ”

Enid Blyton, Five Go To Billycock Hill

Be it The Famous Five or Malory Towers, these simple, yet appealing descriptions form the heart of the love so many of us share for Enid Blyton and her stories. From ginger beer or Silky’s pop cakes to the plain boiled egg, these stories found a way to make them all feel very mouthwatering and exciting.

The entire journey of Wine and Wasabi™ started out with us trying to create our own tribute to these escapist treats in the best way we know : cooking! That became our first pop-up, and the rest (hopefully) is history.

Caving to requests, we’re doing it again. This time with a new menu (see below) to make things more interesting. Bring your love for these cherished childhood classics to this one-of-a-kind six-course rooftop dinner that no fan would want to miss!


  • Date: Saturday, 30th March, 2019
  • Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
  • Cover charge: ₹1000 per head (all inclusive)
  • Address: Accessible area in Salt Lake, Kolkata (easily reached via both City Centre and the Bypass).
  • Contact: +91-8697406710

Simply fill up this form and we’re good to go!*

*limited spots, as always

menu for food pop-up by Wine and Wasabi (TM) enid blyton themed
Text and curation by © Sulagna Maitra, 2019. 
Design by Arunava Banerjee for Wine and Wasabi™

See you soon. Bon appétit!

Sulagna and Arunava,
Wine and Wasabi™

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